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Sweet Sunday: How to Make Overnight French Toast

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Overnight French ToastFrench toast is the perfect breakfast for a lazy weekend morning. But with all of your attention dedicated to lazing about and reading the paper, the mere thought of breaking out pans and mixing up a soaking mixture might seem exhausting. The solution? Whip up a batch of overnight French toast. It’s easy to assemble the night before, so that while you’re sleeping, all of the flavors meld in a most beautiful way. In the morning, all you have to do is preheat the oven and bake; in a short time, you’ll have a delicious one-dish feast. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make overnight French toast. Read more »

Food Lover Friday: Summer-y Non-Alcoholic Drinks

By Ashley Rodriguez
Summer DrinksIt’s hot and sometimes a glass of water just doesn’t cut the heat in the way that I’d like. But these drinks can’t always be cocktails. Sometimes I just need the refreshing chill of an ice tea or sparkling fruit juice. Enjoy this list of ideas I’ve broken down into a few categories: Agua Frescas, Iced Teas/Coffees, and adding interest to your water! Read more »

Cuteness Overload: 12 Pet-Inspired Projects That Will Make You Smile

By Craftsy
Your pets deserve the best! So why not create a handmade gift especially for them or a project inspired by the joy they bring you every day? Discover 12 cute ideas for crafts you can create based on your love for your pet. Then, show off your handmade pet projects by joining the #PetProjects Contest! Learn how here. Read more »

Savory Saturday: Slather on Some Homemade BBQ Sauce!

By Karly Campbell
Homemade Barbecue SauceDepending on who you ask, and where they're from, you might hear that the only true barbecue sauce comes from a tomato base, while others might insist that there shouldn't be tomatoes in barbecue sauce. Regardless of where you stand, barbecue sauce is one flavor that we can all agree is perfect for a summer dinner on the grill. Making barbecue sauce at home is simpler than you might think! Read more »

Food Lover Friday: Simple Snacks for the Road

By Ashley Rodriguez
Snacks for the RoadJust as we pulled into our driveway I flung open the passenger door as quickly as I could. Five and a half hours in a small car crammed with five people and a long weekend’s worth of goods will have one pining for fresh air and a good leg stretch. But we did it. We survived a road trip with three young children and much of the success of our traveling time was due to the snacks I packed the day before we left. These simple and healthful snacks will satisfy and cure the long car ride boredom. Read more »

How to Make Sky-High Smith Island Cake: 8+ Layers!

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Smith Island CakeIf you’ve never heard of Smith Island cake, then you’re in for a treat. This sky-high concoction averages between eight and twelve layers of contrasting yellow cake and rich, fudgy icing. Nicknamed “icing with the cake”, it hails from a small island off the coast of Maryland, but there’s a lot of big love for the treat, which is the state’s official cake (in good company with the state’s official drink, which is milk). It may not be an elaborately piped or fondant topped cake decorating project, but the contrast of so many layers stacked with a contrasting hue of icing is dramatic enough to make this cake a showpiece. Read more »

Sweet Sunday: How to Make Milk Fudge: An Easy Indian Confection

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Milk FudgeWhen you hear the word "fudge," you probably think of a decadent chocolate confection. But chocolate is not always a vital ingredient. A fantastic (and tasty) example can be found in an Indian specialty called doodh peda--in most English speaking countries, though, it’s referred to as milk fudge. In any language, this dairy rich confection is highly delicious. Learn how to make it here. Read more »

Savory Saturday: One Pot of Beans- 3 Delicious Dishes

By Ashley Rodriguez
Recipes for BeansLast time we talked we were speaking about cooking dried beans. How to cook them from their dried state into a tender and flavorful bean to be exact. And now I’m here to give some friendly advice on what to do with that pot of beans. With beans as your base you have the foundation for a simple appetizer, a fresh salad and a healthful and vegetarian burger. Read more »