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Braised chicken via Craftsy

Two Simple Ways to Braise Chicken

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Braising chicken is a method worth exploring, because the process is simple and the results are mighty. It involves a simple three-part process: sear the chicken, deglaze the pan, then cook it slowly in a flavorful liquid: the result is moist, fork-tender cuts of chicken that make for a fantastic main dish. Add some vegetables and rice or homemade bread and you've got a meal. Enjoy a recipe and variations here!

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We Be Jammin’: 12 Delicious Fall Canning Recipes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Apple JamHere's a collection of twelve tasty and inspiring fall canning recipes. From sweet jams to pair with homemade bread or use as cake fillings to savory pickles which can be paired with anything from burgers to braised chicken, these projects are bound to enliven your cool-weather cuisine. Read more »
Illustration of a cupcake with paint chips

Dye Another Day: Types of Food Coloring

By Jessie Oleson Moore

Dyeing or tinting batter, buttercream, and dough is a fantastic way to show personality and style in a baked good. Food coloring is what makes a rainbow cake have an "ooh" factor, what makes red velvet cake so sultry, what makes ombré cakes so amazing. But do you know what type of dye is best suited to which project?

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Travel Tuesday: Roux the Day — Classic French Sauces

By Jessie Oleson Moore
French SaucesHave you ever heard of the "mother sauces"? This is a series of five versatile sauces which are vital to any cook's repertoire. To put it in layman's terms, this group of sauces is considered the root system from which all other tasty classic French sauces stem. This post will explain the basics of each mother sauce, including possible derivative sauces. Read more »

Announcing the Craftsy Blogger Awards 2013!

By Lindsay Conner
Craftsy Blogger AwardsThis October, Craftsy wants to celebrate creative bloggers who have truly inspired us through their original content, vivid imagery and exceptional online personas. That’s why we are presenting the first ever Craftsy Blogger Awards, to honor those individuals who spend so many hours behind the scenes crafting the blogs you love to read! Nominate your favorites now! Read more »

Sweet Sunday: 11 Creative Pudding Recipes

By Jessie Oleson Moore
Homemade Pistachio PuddingFor many, pudding is a comfort food. It's a dish, which, in function (if not taste), is filed along with chicken noodle soup as a soothing restorative. But pudding can be enjoyable even during times of health and happiness. This collection of 11 recipes, including both cooked and baked versions, proves that pudding can prove quite the gourmet dessert when prepared with creativity and care. Read more »

Savory Saturday: How to Make Alfredo Sauce at Home

By Karly Campbell
Pasta with Homemade Alfredo SauceAlfredo doesn't have to be a restaurant-only meal! I've found that it's actually one of the quickest and easiest sauces to make at home and it always satisfies. Here's a simple recipe to make at home and some creative variations. Read more »

Food Lover Friday: Mastering Fermentation

By Craftsy
Fermented Foods Spread Featuring Olives, Cured Meats and FetaCraftsy instructor and cookbook author Mary Karlin discusses her new book, "Mastering Fermentation," which covers any traditional and contemporary techniques for making numerous fermented foods at home, along with recipes for cooking with them. She also shares a recipe for sweet and salty pickled vegetables and a chance for readers to win a FREE copy of her book! Read more »
Whole Wheat Cheese Crackers

Healthy Homemade Snacks for Kids

By Ashley Rodriguez

With the school year underway, we all need healthy snack ideas in our arsenal. Here are two healthy recipes for quick and easy snacks that freeze well and kids love.

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