White modeling chocolate

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake First attempt at white modeling chocolate. Used gum paste cutters and veiners, air brush for the bakground then small scrapper to etch grass from white chocolate covering-like one would do using scratch board techniques. 4-layer dark chocolate cake with bitter sweet ganache filling.

What you will need

  • Modeling Chocolate

Q&A with Bobert

Lauren Kitchens asked:
You got the petals super thin. Tremendous!
Bobert answered:
Yes but the chocolate modeling project was not as succesful in the floral.
the4delos1021069 asked:
Can you tell me what modeling chocolate is, & how you painted the bottom of this beautiful cake??
Bobert answered:
From the best I can describe this to you at this point in my limited sugar craft experience, modeling chocolate is an edible clay-like, malleable sugar dough that can be easily worked into various shpaes and designs. Often used to make little figurines adorning cakes. The bottom of this cake was air-brushed with a green food coloring then scraped as one would using scratch board techniques to create the grassy field look then piped colored chocolate was used to create the flowers. I used the star tool to 'punch' a hole on some of the flowers to help create a 'petal' look.

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