Created by: heighton33564493

wedding cake

Do you sell this cake? No, just for fun

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heighton33564493 made wedding cake with:

Modern Buttercream

Online Class

Modern Buttercream

with Joshua John Russell

  • Buttercream
  • Fondant
  • Gum Paste

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? No, just for fun

Q&A with heighton33564493

nikkipile4305953 asked:
fab work
heighton33564493 answered:
dnj_as_1 asked:
I love this
heighton33564493 answered:
Thanks was my first wedding cake.
Garden Baker asked:
Beautiful work!!! Are the butterflies made of sugar dough? They look so fine and light that at first I thought that they were painted on.
heighton33564493 answered:
Hi I bought them ready made. Think it rice paper.
cathyh1014348777 asked:
What did you use for the band seperating the layers? Was it gumpaste or fondant? I wanted to put a gumpaste band on mine but I am afraid that the bride won't be able to cut through it.
heighton33564493 answered:
I was going to put ribbon at first but the thought u dont really want to take the ribbon off before u cut the cake so I wound that fondant was the best thing to us.
koda8274377375 asked:
This cake is awesome!! It's amazing!! Who's wedding was it?
heighton33564493 answered:
Thanks It was my own wedding.