Vintage Wedding cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Fondant, flower paste, food colour, flower wire, florist tape. lace and cake What are you most proud of? The flowers. I had to search the internet to teach my self how to do the peony roses. and just made the gold berry from the picture provided. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Regardless of the type of flower you choose to cover the cake with you will need to start months in advance. This cake was large (300 people) and needed many flowers to cover it as well as back up flowers to cover any breakages.

What you will need

  • Fondant
  • flower paste
  • food colour
  • flower wire
  • florist tape. lace and cake

Q&A with Sally Ryan

SaBella Designs asked:
Sally, please forgive me for not responding to your AUGUST comment regarding my Gold Monogram cake. I was very new to Craftsy then and had no idea how to respond. This was a Martha Stewart Design and I believe I did it probably in 2003 or 2004 since I left South Carolina in October 2004. It was in her Weddings Magazine. Perhaps you can locate that magazine somewhere. I named it Gold Monogram because I copied the couple's gold monogram on their invitation. Hope that helps albeit many months late...so HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope you find it.
Sally Ryan answered:
Thanks flourshoppe... Yes I had found it. Thanks for responding. I love that cake..
SaBella Designs asked:
Loved using the lace on my cakes too...sure do miss doing it....the lace cake with flowers is breathtaking....you live in Australia? and you are allowed to do cakes in your home or do you have a shop?
Sally Ryan answered:
I do live in Australia. And yes you are allowed to do cakes at home if you have local council approval and a few other bits and pieces. My family also has a cafe so i can do baking there.. But I am not in business with cakes yet. I just do for family and friends so far. I only started decoratig less then 11 monts ago. I have a 22 month old son and a new baby on the way in May.. So I will look at starting a business when I get back on track...
Belletain asked:
Hi! Really nice cake!! I do have some questions for you, I hope you will help me. - Which how-to did you used to make the peony roses? - Was it difficult to work with sugarveil? - How did you attached the roses to the cake? - And how did you made the gold berries? Hope to hear from you. Greetings Nicolette
Sally Ryan answered:
Hi there... Well where to start... The peony roses are made from petal paste and were shaped over a styrofoam egg on wire. There are lots of tutorials on the net/youtube on how to do this. The lace is real lace not sugarveil. The roses were made into three strands with the other flowers and the wire was placed into flower spikes that were inbeded into the cake. Some royal icing was piped into the flower spikes to help hold it. The gold berries are flower paste balls on wire that i first painted brown then dusted with gold petal dust.. all these things are available from decorating shops.... I hope this was helpful.
TooTTiFruiTTi asked:
did you learn how to do the roses on the craftsy site?
Sally Ryan answered:
No I purchased a set of cutters that had instructions.
KRL asked:
is that real lace or sugar veil??
Sally Ryan answered:
Real lace..