Sugar Poinsettia in Coral

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Squires Kitchen Florist Paste, dusts and wires. What are you most proud of? I love the colouring and the hand-painted veins What advice would you give someone starting this project? Get one of Alan's books - Poinsettia is featured in his Christmas book. Build up the colouring slowly and have a very, very, very fine brush for the vein work.

What you will need

  • Squires Kitchen Florist Paste
  • dusts and wires.

Q&A with CakeBakerMoney

C-MAC asked:
AMAZING !!!!! Hard to believe it's not real.....your coloring skills are phenomenal ! Everytime I see your different flowers, I put them on my wish list to attempt to make :)
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Thanks C-MAC :o) If only there were more hours in the day to make more flowers!
Petya Shmarova asked:
Great work. Alan is just brilliant.
CakeBakerMoney answered:
I'm a big fan!
The Sweetest Si asked:
Buita! very nice.
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Thank you
galidink asked:
so very beautiful, looks so real , love it , art deco cakes by gali
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Thank you
dzamora asked:
Absolutely floored, how you can make your flowers appear so realistic.
CakeBakerMoney answered:
I had Alan Dunn looking over my shoulder and adding the odd bit of petal dust!