Star Wars Death Star Cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Cake, Fondant, Sugar Pearls What are you most proud of? The lights on the Death Star. Took a long time, but they were kind of fun. And I think they turned out pretty well. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Plan ahead. Piecing fondant like this takes a LOT of time. Just be prepared for that.

What you will need

  • Cake
  • Fondant
  • Sugar Pearls

Q&A with Janci76

romsey asked:
Great Cake.... What did you use for the lights on the Death Star? Do they actually light up? Do you have any kind of a tutuorial on how you did the death star that you would be willing to share?
Janci76 answered:
LOL! No, the "lights" don't light up. I'm not that talented! I'm laughing because my husband wanted me to do similar things with the cake - although he suggested I "blow it up" like they did in the movie. Somehow I didn't think that would work out too well! The lights are those itty bitty tiny nonpareils that people use for sprinkles on ice cream, cupcakes etc. Believe it or not. I applied them after I had put the fondant pieces on the cake and imprinted them with the lines and circles. I just brushed the piece with a bit of vanilla to make them stick, then picked up those nonpareils one at a time on the tip of my finger and applied them to the panels where I wanted them. All in all I think it took me about 6 hours to cut out, apply, imprint and "light" all the panels and the equator. I don't have a tutorial, as this was the first time I've ever done this cake, and I wasn't entirely sure it was going to work out, so I didn't think to take pics, etc. as I went along. If people are interested, I'd be happy to draft up some instructions, but really I "winged it" on most of this. :) Thanks for the questions!
rktrix asked:
Nicely done! Winging it leads to some great results!
Janci76 answered:
:P Thank you!
Tannersmom asked:
That is awesome. My son would love that cake! Great job!
Janci76 answered:
Thank you!!
Kimbergala asked:
That is so cool! Great job!!
Janci76 answered:
Thank you!
Lolli3285 asked:
It's been a while since you posted this cake but I am hoping to hear back from you. I would like some simple info on this cake: what size layers and is the death star cake or covered styrofoam. If cake what did you use to make the death star? I understand that you winged it but any additional information would be awesome. This cake is the best I've seen for Star Wars themed birthday parties. My grandson decided he wants Star Wars this year and asked me to make his cake....he's going to be 5 the end of January.
Janci76 answered:
Thank you for the compliments! I did wing it, but not on sizes. I never wing it on cake sizes. It has been a while since I did this one, though, so I'm trying to remember. I'm relatively certain I did an 8" and a 10" round for the cake tiers, but could be a bit off on that. The Death Star is cake. I used the Wilton Ball pan to make it. To make sure I'm giving you the right sizes, you could always stack your pans with the ball pan on top to measure, but I'm pretty sure I'm close because I believe the ball pan is 6" in diameter. This was definitely a challenging cake, so good luck! I'm sure your grandson will love whatever you end up making. 5 year olds are awesomely non-judgmental like that. :) Good luck, and have fun!

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