Simple Black Elegance

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I found a heel template online and printed it out to the size I wanted it to be. I used fondant with a heavy dose of tylose, rolled it about 1/8 of an inch thick and let it dry for 4 days without TOUCHING IT. I used a foam core I shaped with a flexible board to the height I want. I also used the same material for the heel and that had to dry a day longer. Once it was dry I use a fine grater to achieve the flat part of the heel and the top and smoothed it out with a fine sanding paper. Once it was dry I used a paint brush and water and brushed the areas I would sprinkle with black disco dust...(I also used black fondant). Let this dry completely for several hours then I put it all together.

Q&A with Gloria F.

tenetar949482 asked:
Is that a real shoe or fondant/gumpaste shoe? This is amazingly beautiful!!!
Gloria F. answered:
Hi tenetar949482 ! That was actually a fondant/with tylose shoe, the bow is fondant too with black disco dust.
bdia4ever asked:
love this....
Gloria F. answered:
Thank you!