Scottish Thistle Cake

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I was asked to make a Scottish thistle in gumpaste for this cake. I said "Sure!" without bothering to see if I could find any instructions or cutters...geez! Needless to say - there are none! Of course I didn't bother to discover this until 2 days before the cake was due...another big mistake on my part. So, I just had to "wing it" and use what I had. It actually turned out cute - if you like that whole "weed on your cake" look - ha !! Anyway, they were happy which is all that matters. I still say a thistle is nothing but a weed. The cake is iced in buttercream and I hand painted the second tier. I used the diamond cutter to make the marks on the other tiers. Thanks for looking! Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

CakeBakerMoney asked:
Stunning as usual! Pleased to hear I am not the only person to leave things until last minute, have soent the last 12 hours trying to make one fairy.... Oh yes, if course I can do that. Lets hope my last minute attempt turns out as good as yours!
lisascakes answered:
LOL!! My mouth has gotten me in more trouble over the years, you would think I would learn, wouldn't you?? Post a picture of your fairy! I've never made one and would love to see!! Lisa
queeno'desserts asked:
Beautiful cake. The thistle kind of throws it off for me, but your clients were happy thats what matters. You always do awesome work!
lisascakes answered:
I agree with you there! Kind of looks like the weeds I mow down on my farm...sigh.