Ruffles in Purple

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake I cut my own template for the ruffle shape out of cardboard. I used a flower cutter and viener for my white chocolate peony. Chocolate sponge cake was rolled and then set vertically to create a interesting inside when cut. Cream cheese icing was the filler. What are you most proud of? That the ruffles were somewhat straight and the graduated color worked well. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start with a deeper, richer color.

What you will need

  • Fondant

Q&A with Bobert

AhmondJoey asked:
Hi Bobert! Your work is so lovely I'm enjoying following your projects. Would you share a bit more about how you achieve the vertical cake inside? I noticed this also n your beautiful basket cake and I agree with your comments that it adds interest, but I also see that both cakes remain very beautiful even after being cut. Just lovely! Thanks for sharing your work.
Bobert answered:
I baked the chocolate cake for the layers in a sheet cake pan then slice horizontally the layer so as to achieve about a quarter inch of cake. This is done carefully. I then cut the layers with a pizza cutter lenth-wise at the height of the desired cake. A thin application of butter cream is applied to the tops of the cut lengths of cake then I place them in my freezer for about 5 minuets to let the butter cream firm up. Afterwards I carefully start rolling up each length of cake adding new sections until I get the desired diameter of cake. Then I stand the rolled cake up on its end so now the layers sit vertically. I baked some extra cake on the sheet pan so that I can cut two circles that I then place on the vertical standing cake one on top and one on the bottom to hold everything together. Final decorations and icing is then applied. Hope this helps in figuring out how this detail is accomplished.
Maggie Austin asked:
Love the shape of the frills! Such a wonderful texture. Congratulations!
Bobert answered:
I think your way of extending the fondant with the cell pen would create a more delicate look. I'll try this next time. Thanks for the inspiration.

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