Created by: SugarArtBySusan


Q&A with SugarArtBySusan

Caramelruffles asked:
gorgeous ruffles and flower
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you!
ade829722 asked:
Loving this is! can one spray with lustre instead of adding vodka to hand paint?
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Well . . . I haven't tried that, but it's worth a shot! You may want to take a piece of fondant rolled out onto a cake board (or something like that) and test out spraying - - just to make sure coverage is even and you don't get a "hot spot" (for lack of a better description) - wherein you've got heavier coverage depending on how closely you are holding the can . . . What do you think? Thank you for your compliment!!!
CUBI729 asked:
This cake is lovely, very elegant, great job....
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you so much "CUB1729"!!!
Marianela asked:
What a gorgeous cake.
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you very much! I appreciate it!
AndasCreations asked:
Absolutely stunning! May I ask how you got that luster effect on the top tier? It looks so flawless! Amazing job!
SugarArtBySusan answered:
You may ask anything after a compliment like that!! Thank you!! I use regular luster dust - the kind you use when dusting flowers - - only difference is you may need a larger quantity - I mean you will need a greater quantity - Add vodka to the luster dust (95% grain alcohol is the best because it evaporates more quickly). Experiment with thin consistency mixture and thicker consistency mixtures. I've found that either work. However, when applying the thinner mixture, it runs down the sides of course, and you've got to apply in sections and have your paint brush ready to just spread the "drip" out. No big deal, just different. Different bristles give you a different effect . . . I applied the mixture with a fairly soft paint brush (not too soft), and then buffed with a very soft rounded paint brush. You may also find you need to apply more than one coat, just depends on the color being used. When I received my larger quantity luster dust colors, I rolled out pieces of fondant and placed on cake boards, and tested each of the colors. I kept the cake boards with the color tests, to refer to when designing another cake. I can see how the dust actually colors the fondant. Hope this helps! Good luck! I was a tad intimidated to try this the first time, but it's really not that hard or scary!