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Ruffle Cake

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Modern Buttercream

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Modern Buttercream

with Joshua John Russell

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Q&A with catiarica2065849

sunnymontgomery asked:
Your ruffle cake is stunning. Did you learn how to make it from this course? I am new to craftsy and this is exactly the type of cake I want to learn to make. Bravo!
catiarica2065849 answered:
Thanks a lot. I got great tips from some of the classes here, but I kind started by myself,.. until I found theses courses. I love this type of cake too, Im not a big fan of foundant, so I ve been practicing. ! Thanks again.
dralemell1356283 asked:
what tip is used here??
catiarica2065849 answered:
In the pink cake I used 104 Ruffle. In the grey it was small one. But 104 is my favorite.