Romantic Hand Painted Cake

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? Yes Name of website or online shop Bite Me Bakery Link to website or online shop www.bitemebakery.co.uk Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Three tiers of cake: traditional fuit, Lemon & Poppy seed, & White Chocolate. Sugar roses on top and hand painted using cocoa butter paints. What are you most proud of? I am delighted how this cake came out and how close it was to my initial sketch (see image) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Simply plan what you are going to paint and where.

What you will need

  • Three tiers of cake: traditional fuit
  • Lemon & Poppy seed
  • & White Chocolate. Sugar roses on top and hand painted using cocoa butter paints.

Q&A with CakeBakerMoney

K Lee 2Strings asked:
Stunning! You are just an amazing artist! You could have chosen any medium, and your clients must surely be glad that you chose cake decorating. Gorgeous roses, gorgeous painting, beautiful script!
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Thank you 2strings. You always say the kindest things :o) I am so going to get one of your patterns and transfer it to cake. Just ned an excuse (if excuses are needed ever for cake???)
Ramids asked:
This is really beautiful. Flawless if you ask me. I would definitely try something like this someday. I was wondering, what software did you use to create your sketch?
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Hi Ramids. See my reply abpove about Photoshop...
BabyMJ asked:
This is amazing. I also like the quality of your design sketch, was it done on the computer and if so what software or application did you use to do your design? Please advise
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Yes, it was done on Photoshop (not Elements). I would strongly recommend buying Liz from Artisan Cake Company's templates from Etsy and starting from there. At her recommendation I also bought a graphics tablet which plugs into your computer and allows you to draw on Photoshop using a pen. It's not too expensive. Dm me on Facebook if you would like me to explain more www.facebook.com/bmbrides
Vagabond Baker asked:
Beautiful, I love this cake!
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Thank you Vagabond
cuppycake asked:
I wouldn't want to cut this work of art! Beautiful work!!!!
CakeBakerMoney answered:
Bless you. I like the fact my cakes are cut. I am such a perfectionist I would be starting at the cake thinking "If only I had sone this or that differently".

Skill Level