Rainbow Unicorn-Pegasus Mama and Baby

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? Yes Name of website or online shop Art2Eat Cakes Link to website or online shop www.art2eatcakes.com Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Cake, Fondant, RKT, Gum Paste, Buttercream

What you will need

  • Cake
  • Fondant
  • RKT

Q&A with Heather Sherman

denise_as2153108 asked:
A lot of people want to know how to make this.
Heather Sherman answered:
Thanks Denise! Yes, I realize this, and a tutorial IS in the works. It simply keeps falling off the cake plate, pushed by too many projects! ;)
Simone Berauer asked:
Unfortunately my daughter saw that awesome art. She wants it now for her 6th birthday. That is an incredible work!
Heather Sherman answered:
Lol! Thanks, I think! ;-) No seriously, I made it for my daughter's 7th...the things we do for our little pegacorns, right?
Summer Seana asked:
This is so amazingly beautiful! I would love to sculpt this for our school's fundraiser!
Heather Sherman answered:
Check my website Summer!
pyrodruid0 asked:
I want to make a similar and smaller version for a friend and am very amateur at sculpted cakes. How is a tutorial coming along for the unicorn body? I would love to learn! How big is your uni-cake? Im wanting to build a tiny 20 person version. Just thinking about playing cake is getting me all excited, can you help me figure the scale based on your wonderful tasty piece of art?
Heather Sherman answered:
Check my website!
purple door asked:
My daughter forward this cake to me and we agreed to attempt it! Thanks for the inspiration! It's hard getting a 16 year old to hang with mom, but cake decorating with her doing the cake you inspired priceless!
Heather Sherman answered:
Check my website Purple door ;-) Hugs to you and your daughter -Good Parenting ;-)

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