Puff the Magic Dragon

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Cake, buttercream, fondant, modeling chocolate, luster dust, rice krispy treats and many tools. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I made so many mistakes with this cake that I could write a book! My advice would be: 1. Always start with a much bigger cake than you think you are going to need. As this cake is just for me (thank goodness it wasn't for a customer!!) I thought I would start out with different sizes so I wouldn't have to carve so much...WRONG! It is much easier to carve away cake than to add cake!! I wanted the butt to be nice and large (kind of like mine!) but because I started with a smaller cake I had to add pieces to make it bigger. This makes him have a clunky butt (once again, kind of like mine, but not the look I was going after!) 2. It will always take more fondant then you will ever dream you need! I made THREE trips to the store. As I almost NEVER use fondant to cover a cake, I was totally out of my element here in trying to figure out how much to buy. Wasted time and gas! 3. I used Rice Krispie treats to make the head as I find them much easier to mold with than cake. 4. Plan ahead for things that need to dry - I waited to the last minute to make the wings and by this time I was so tired of looking at my cake, that I wanted to just get it finished. I used modeling chocolate but struggled with the weight of it - should have just made them out of gumpaste so they would be nice and light weight and shaped well, but that would have required me to think (something I try to avoid). 5. I totally agree with using a table top as the drum because a regular drum would never hold the weight of the cake without flexing. It was nice knowing it wasn't going to move so don't try to use a regular drum! All in all, I had fun with it and am glad I took the class. Catherine Ruehle was a great instructor and I would recommend this class to anyone who has a hankering to carve! While there are many mistakes in the cake, I still think he turned out okay for a first try. Happy Decorating! Lisa

What you will need

  • Cake
  • buttercream
  • fondant
  • modeling chocolate
  • luster dust
  • rice krispy treats and many tools.

Q&A with lisascakes

iamwarriormom25 asked:
Love it, wonderful detail, wonderful work!!
lisascakes answered:
Thank you! :)

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