princess cake_1

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake buttercream, fondant, color gels

What you will need

  • Buttercream

Q&A with cgn

MeowingcatLeo asked:
I would love to have you teach me how to do this cake
cgn answered:
It was a bit of trial and error. I have to confess I've had no formal cake decorating training, just "figure it out" as I go, though I would LOVE to know more with some formal training - hence the Craftsy classes! I started out layering the cakes up to the height of the dolls' waist. I then chilled the layers for a couple of hours (overnight if you have that luxury of time), then carved the dress folds out of the cake, as well as carved the center hole for the doll placement; and proceeded with the crumb layer of icing, chilling, followed by the final layer of buttercream icing. While all the chilling,etc was going on, I made the Marshmallow fondant, tinting it a ight pink. I rolled out the fondant (not too thin that it would tear), and carefully placed it over the top of the cake, draping it down over the "folds" of the dress. Then carefully worked the fonadant into the folds, smoothing it out. I then cut the hole again for the doll, lining the hole with reserved fondant and placed the doll (wrapped tightly in Saran Wrap) into the cake and formed the dress bodice around her, I used paper towel balls pushed under some of the edges of the skirt to give the bottom of the dress more fullness. From there, I rolled out a slightly deeper tinted pink piece of fondant to drape as the train in the back as well as for the front drop on the dress (again using paper towels balled into shapes to give the back train more "movement". I then rolled out longer pink "piping" fondant strips, and rolled them for the details and applied those. Once done with the fondant details, I broke out the pearl dusting over the fondant. A darker shade was used for the skirt bottom border than was used for the overall skirt. I used pink gel for the darker "dot" details, along with some darker pink sugar crystals (in the bodice draping details). Then made the "dotted swiss" pattern on the cake, again using an opague gel. Fondant on the sleeves. Hope this helps, it was a fun cake to make - the kids loved it!