Pink rosette heart cake

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? No, just for fun Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake I started by piping a heart shaped lattice in the center of my cake with white buttercream. I surrounded it with light pink mini rosettes. Then I piped a few rose buds around the sides in the same color. With a darker pink, I made a bead border around the top of the cake and a shell border on the bottom. I finished off the top border by returning to my white buttercream and putting a tiny dot in between every bead. Finally, I piped leaves underneath each rosebud and sporadically between the rosettes.

What you will need

  • Buttercream

Q&A with Heather Jurisch

dooley8850 asked:
What size pan did you use? Your cake looks like a 2 tier. I still have trouble getting my tiers straight and even around the top. You have a very retty cake.
Heather Jurisch answered:
Thank you! This is actually an 8" wide, 4" tall Styrofoam cake dummy- I just wanted to practice some of the techniques from the class :) But if this were real cake, it would be 2 tiers of 8" cakes. I always fill and stack (layer) my cakes to get them nice and tall.
Garden Baker asked:
Very nicely done. Love the lattice work! Which tip did you use?
Heather Jurisch answered:
Thanks! It was either a 3 of a 4; I don't remember exactly :)