Pillow Cake with Gumpaste Shoe

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I decided to try my hand at making a gumpaste shoe - always wanted to but just never got around to it. I think it turned out okay for a first attempt. Would do a few things different next time around. It's all edible except for the rhinestones I added for the "bling". The pillow is a chocolate cake with chocolate chips and fudge filling. I iced it in buttercream and added fondant stars and rope accents. I then hand painted the gold details. Thanks for looking! :) Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

inyang.ed1296446 asked:
Lovely!did u use a pillow pan or or Shaped d pillow urself?
lisascakes answered:
Thanks! I used the pillow pans from Wilton.
chocolate art asked:
Lisa Awesome!!!! I love it!!! Is there Anything I can do about keeping the moisture from my fridge off the gumpaste and off the fondant? any thing? bag, box? and have you every frozen a finished rolled fondant cake before?
lisascakes answered:
Hi, I never really have a issue with the fridge unless I'm using royal icing for something. This pillow cake was covered in buttercream, which loves the fridge. The trimwork and little flowers where fondant and other than them getting hard when cold, I don't have a issue. My gumpaste shoe did fine in the fridge for 3 days...I've never had a issue with gumpaste and my fridges...the only issue I might once in a blue moon run into is when the weather outside is in the 90 degrees or near 100 and I take a cake out of the fridge to deliver and then it's a issue with everything - buttercream, modeling chocolate, gumpaste, fondant..whatever it is melts! What issues are you having or what has happened to your gumpaste when you put it in the fridge?
Patabiodun asked:
Lisa! Oh my! How did u do the shoe? Did u use mold, gum paste or just fondant? Please let's know this is awesome. Waoh.
lisascakes answered:
Hi and Thanks! I tried to reply a few minutes ago and it wouldn't let me so I don't know if my answer will show twice or not. To answer your question, the shoe was made of gumpaste and I cut it out using a pattern. You can google how to make a gumpaste shoe and you'll see the steps involved. It's not too difficult.