Peony Wedding Cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Assorted cupcakes and 6" cutting cake. Cutting cake made with 3 layers of white cake with raspberry filled and white chocolate frosting. Handmade peony on top of cake. What are you most proud of? The peony, because during the busy holidays, I only have 2 days to make this cake and cupcakes from start to finish. And this is my first time to make peony, I was a little nervous at first but it turned out beautiful. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take Colette's course, she can show us how to make difficult work simple...she is a great teacher.

What you will need

Q&A with Elaine Truong

Bella Daisy asked:
Your peony, did in fact, turn out gorgeous. Well done !!!
Elaine Truong answered:
Thank you :)
annawc asked:
Elaine Truong answered:
Thanks <3
Nannygoat123 asked:
Your cake is very pretty. Can you give me the recipe for the white chocolate frosting?
Elaine Truong answered:
Hi Nannygoat123, asked:
Love your peony
Elaine Truong answered:
Thank you!!
sweetandsalty asked:
You did a wonderful, beautiful job, if that's your first peony it gives me hope. I bought her class but haven't done it at home yet. Thought about buying the peony cutters but thought could I do it with some other cutters. But looking at your first try is inspirational. So glad you posted your work.
Elaine Truong answered:
Thank you sweetandsalty, I thought of over a year to decided buy the peony cutters after taking Colette course. I think it worth it, the bride was so happy with the cake and I had so much compliment with my peony flower. Just want you to know I did something different then Colette. I also bought the peony flower veiner and used it on the flower, Colette didn't mention about the veiner in her course but I wanted my flower show more detail so I bought James Rosselle's Peony Petal Veiner the same time, as I think you can tell it show the difference from my flower in the picture and I like my result. Also Colette used chocolate egg mold for drying the peony petals, because I didn't have the mold so I used oval Chinese soup spoons to dry the petals, I think that work too!! Please give it a try, everybody have their first try right? I know you can do it!!

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