Ombr Christmas tree cake

What you will need

  • Fondant

Q&A with LamourCakes

Maggie Austin asked:
Great edging! Thanks for posting!
LamourCakes answered:
Thanks for the great tutorial. You're are so much more pretty but unfortunately wasn't going to risk turning cake upsidedown ...
joyscreativecakes@live.ca asked:
I love this cake ... awesome job :)
LamourCakes answered:
thank you. I was pretty happy with the outcome :)
jennyhald1120464 asked:
this cake is amazing. How did you get it into a cone shape? That must have been a feat in itself and then to frill it like you have is just awsome.
LamourCakes answered:
Thanks :) The cake has been carved (and the pointed part made out of molded krispy treats.)
cakesyMa asked:
Gives me the feeling of a feather tree. Beautiful colours.
LamourCakes answered:
thanks :)

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