Created by: Oatmeal48

Nurses Graduation Cake

Q&A with Oatmeal48

MsPhillips asked:
This is sooo cute...
Oatmeal48 answered:
Thank you :-).
BabyMJ asked:
Well done, Really good, love the details in this? How did you make the drip bag, it looks so real?
Oatmeal48 answered:
Thanks, actually I just cut the corner off my tweezer case and filled it with hot glue (before it go really hot), the cord I found at Hobby lobby, I forget what it's called but it's actually just a braclet.
jaford asked:
Gee you are so very talented
Oatmeal48 answered:
Thank you :-)
rms1912 asked:
Great job!
Oatmeal48 answered:
Thank you :-).

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