Nathan's Burger

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Banana cake, chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, modelling chocolate. What are you most proud of? The lettuce.... it looked real! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Although I like using fondant to make cakes because they look really beautiful, I think combining it with modelling chocolate is really useful. I don't love how fondant tastes and I always see people leaving it on their plates, they don't really eat it. When I was thinking of making this cake I did not want to do all the trimmings in fondant , they are many and I thought it would overpower the taste of the cake. I saw this course and it was perfect because i then had the option of using modelling chocolate instead that tastes do much better than fondant. All the trimmings are made out of modelling chocolate ( lettuce, cheese, onion & tomatoes) . The bun is and burger are covered with fondant . The whole burger is hand painted with dust powders. I am new at this art of cake decorating and I had no idea modelling chocolate existed. I loved it!

What you will need

  • Banana cake
  • chocolate cake
  • chocolate ganache
  • modelling chocolate.

Q&A with DoraGB

Touch of Grace Cakes asked:
Wow this is absolutely amazing. This is the most real-looking cake burger I have ever seen, and I've seen quite a few. Excellent job, you should be very very proud.
DoraGB answered:
I really appreciate your comment, it means so much to me ... thanks!
nneada1115441 asked:
I love it, how did u make the lettuce.
DoraGB answered:
The tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and onions I made with modelling chocolate. For the lettuce I colored it with a light green. The lightest shade of green that i could see in a real lettuce. Then I used a leaf veiner to make the texture. I cut the edges with zig zag shaped scissors and pulled the edges a bit to make the zig zag less uniform. I put the lettuce in the freezer for a few minutes for the chocolate to harden. Then I gave it a darker color by using different shades of green color dust. I painted the central veins with liquid white edible color . It really helps to get a real lettuce and try to copy the shades of green. Hope it helps.
dimasnikolaidis asked:
how do you made so realistic lettuce?
DoraGB answered:
I made it out of modelling chocolate. I rolled it out and cut it roughly with scissors trying to imitate the shape of the leaves. Then used a leaf veiner to stamp the texture. I made the modelling chocolate to be the lightest colour of the leaf and then painted it with darker shades of green. I used dust colors.
thelms asked:
What do you mean by leaf veiner? Did you buy commercial veiner or you use the real lettuce as veiner
DoraGB answered:
I used a commercial leaf veiner
Somi Sandeep asked:
oh wow!! superb..
DoraGB answered:
thank you