My ruffles before I took the class

Project Description

Name of Pattern Ruffles What was your inspiration? This was my first ruffle cake that I made. I've admired Maggie Austin for as long as I've known about her. As much as I love the frilly ruffles that she makes I aslo wanted to do something different as I don't like just copying something as it is. I was very pleased at how this technique worked out. I made this cake a long time before I took this class. Now that I've taken the class I can't wait to try out the technique that Maggie Austin taught in this class.

Q&A with Sameen

CakeBakerMoney asked:
PRETTY! Love the staging of the photo too.
Sameen answered:
Thank you :)
betsyandco@ntin.net asked:
Lovely color choices - well done.
Sameen answered:
Thank you :)