My first magnolia

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Gumpaste, floral tape, gauge 22, 24 and 26 wires, petal dusts, lustre dusts, tulip veiner, leaf veiner What are you most proud of? I call this my fantasy magnolia, as I didn't have the proper cutters or veiners, and my bestie (the bride) only wanted a hint of pink to any flower on her cake, so I dusted the base of the centre heavily with pink lustre and the base and backs of each petal lightly with pink lustre. I added an extra 2 petals as at the time of assembly I didn't feel it was full enough, but now it's massively huge! I think I will have to make the top tier a little bigger! So after having said all that, I guess I'm proud of the fact that it still looks pretty (to me anyway) despite my modifications and not having the proper equipment. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I didn't have 24 gauge wires when I first started this project and only used them for the extra two petals. You can definitely notice the difference in strength and my advice would be to get the 24 gauge wires if possible. Also, while you can do it without proper cutters (ie making a cardboard template and cutting around it), if you can afford the expense and time waiting for them to come in, I'd recommend getting the proper magnolia cutters. I kept squishing the centre vein and many of my wires wanted to poke through at the back. Wish I'd used the largest of my JEM 5 petal cutters as I feel the second-to-largest wasn't quite big enough. Be patient and WAIT for the centre to dry fully before continuing on. I wasn't patient (only waited about 10 hours as opposed to a day or two), and when I went to bend it upside down to dry the first 3 petals, the centre actually ended up falling up the wire by a cm (I think in the end it was only holding on by the floral taped 'bud'). I poked a hole in the centre of an apple tray and sat the wired centre with the 3 petals in that and spaced them out with tissue/foam, hence the centre not being quite as open as I would've liked. Wish I'd waited!

What you will need

  • Gum Paste

Q&A with kitstar

OliviasBakery asked:
wow wow wow. really nice. my neighbors front garden is full of magnolias at the moment. I cannot see the difference!
kitstar answered:
Wow thanks!! I LOVE your work!!
OliviasBakery asked:
is the center made from RI? stunning.
kitstar answered:
The centre is made from gumpaste - I pretty much followed Maggie's instructions, except I didn't have the curvy scissors she uses so I just used my tiny needlepoint scissors haha

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