Minion Playing With Chemical!

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Use gum paste instead of modeling chocolate, will try teacher's you tube modeling chocolate for the next gravity defying cake. Use alumin tube instead if copper as unable to get copper tubing in my country. What are you most proud of? A new skill learnt from great teacher! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Planning is important for making such structure cake. Essential tools are required and better to use modeling chocolate as fondant cannot get seamless ending.

Q&A with Zesshale

jeelee702966 asked:
Brilliant idea! Love the bold colours
Zesshale answered:
Thanks dear!
jroxas29 asked:
Zesshale answered:
Dmf187 asked:
Zesshale answered:
Thanks thanks!
Butter Queen asked:
my 3 year old nephew saw this cake and decided this is what he wanted for his b day please share how you did it!
Zesshale answered:
I followed the tutorial from Lauren basically. For the tube, need to poke thru the minion hugging the chemical tube to ensure they will not fall apart. I mould the minions with gum paste instead of modeling chocolate. Give it a try.. It's very fun and challenging!! Make the hanging minion leg open to make it more naughty!!! ;-)