Messy Cake

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This cake gave me fits!! If you look at my other cakes, you'll see I don't "do" messy and this bride insisted that she wanted messy icing - no pattern, nothing smooth, no swirls, no spatula stripes...ugh!!! No matter how her mother and I tried to get her to consider something that looked more professional, she stuck to the messy icing....Needless to say I will NEVER take another order for spatula/messy icing again!! Thanks for letting me rant, Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

Kathy Tolbert asked:
I think it is beautiful. I love the messy look.
lisascakes answered:
Thank you!
Sashad asked:
I have just taken an order for one of these messy cakes any advice on how to achieve this look?
lisascakes answered:
You have to make a "messy" cake?? Oh you poor thing! :) My advice would be to ice the cake smooth to start with - just like you would if you weren't doing messy. This covers the cake well and prevents some spots having thick icing and some spots with too little icing. After I got it smooth, I took my buttercream and thinned it down some and then went over the cake a small section at a time putting on a thin layer to give it the spatula marks. Hope this helps! Good luck!! Lisa
Deb888 asked:
Absolutely love this cake. Are teh flowers Fondant/gum-paste or fresh please?
lisascakes answered:
Thank you - the flowers were silk.