Created by: hanna baharin

magnolia frills

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hanna baharin made magnolia frills with:

Fondant Frills

Online Class

Fondant Frills

with Maggie Austin

  • Chocolate
  • Fondant
  • Gum Paste

Q&A with hanna baharin

SelviS asked:
This is simply beautiful. Well the frills and the magnolia flower. What fondant did you end up using for the frills - MMF or Satin Ice? Am still amazed that the frills weren't too soft when you used fondant without tylose/CMC. Out of curiosity how long did it take you to decorate the cake with the frills? Again, let me say that this is such a beautiful cake...just like Maggie's cakes!
hanna baharin answered:
thank you soooo soooo very much selvis! you dont know how happy you make me for saying that! i love maggie's creations! i used the MMF and you are right about the frills! it truly needs a very very cold air conditioned room without CMC. the frills took me 2 full days. it can take 1 day if you work really really long hours non-stop :) appreciate it loads!