Local Radio Contest

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake cake, butter cream, fondant, styrofoam, dowels, edible paint, and cake decorating equipment and tools

What you will need

  • Fondant

Q&A with joyscreativecakes@live.ca

joyscreativecakes@live.ca asked:
This cake is a entry for a local radio station. The first layer is my rendition of the Magic 94.9 building, complete with flower garden, mail box, and pumpkins (it is Halloween after all). On top of the first layer (roof) is the antenna and two spot lights which are directed toward the second layer. The second layer, in topsy turvey style, is a cylinder shape with a whimsical walk down Magic 94.9 memory lane, starting with its creation and ending with 'Let's Dance'. On top of this layer is a retro radio in a blue smoky look to represent the back ground of the Magic 94.9 website, and of course the radio is tuned to 94.9. The top layer is the Magic 94.9 logo with a Harry Potter style magic wand to top it all off. From creation to completion I truly enjoyed this cake. The bottom layer is cake and the rest is Styrofoam. The contest winner will be announced on October 15th ... I'm so nervous J:~D
joyscreativecakes@live.ca answered:
I did not win the contest, but I certainly had a lot of fun creating this cake and learning new skills J:~D

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