Created by: Flourgirl Cakes

Kids Birthday Cake

Q&A with Flourgirl Cakes

Amayah asked:
Cute cake. Could you give me some tips on how to make the ear/hat cake.
Flourgirl Cakes answered:
Sure, would like to say its not my original design and I actually had to ask someone myself about the ears. The 'dome' part is just regular cake like the rest of it, carved and covered in black sugarpaste. The ears are sugar paste (fondant) mixed with a little tylose powder so that it dries hard. (I guess you could use gum paste for this but might be hard to get in black and its a nightmare to have to colour white gumpaste black) anyhoo, once thats combined i cut out the desired size with circular cookie cutters and then cut little crescents out of the bottom in order to fit snugly onto the dome. I then inserted some spaghetti into the bottom of these, short pieces, and left them to dry in the bottom of a bowl in order to get the curve. Once dried, attach with some edible glue, the spaghetti should give you some extra support. I would prop them up for a while though to make sure they stay.