Jewel Colored Wedding Cake

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Small buttercream iced wedding cake to accompany the jewel toned cupcakes. All buttercream... doesn't get any easier than that! :-) Thanks for looking! Lisa

What you will need

  • Buttercream

Q&A with lisascakes

Partypops1435043 asked:
Beautiful! How did you get the pattern so flawlessly applied?
lisascakes answered:
Flawless??? Ha! I never do anything flawless - but thank you! :) I just free hand piped the design on - I made the pattern up as I went.
charrier8791438 asked:
love it!
lisascakes answered:
Thank you!
Julia in Oz asked:
The cupcakes look beautiful. Can I ask - did you use regular buttercream or SMBC and which tip did you use for them? (I am only a novice!).
lisascakes answered:
Hi - thanks! I used regular buttercream for both the cake and cupcakes. I used a 1M tip for the cupcakes. :) Lisa

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