Hydrangea & Rose Wedding Cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake See materials list in Jacqueline Butler's Sugar Flower class. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Purchase a good set of long tweezers. I got the set recommended by Jennifer Dontz on her website - I believe they were about $11.00(ish). Well worth it on a project like this!

What you will need

  • Gum Paste

Q&A with SugarArtBySusan

Oatmeal48 asked:
This is very nice, I just learned the "Billowing' technique, I'm much better at that than making sugar flowers but...I'll keep trying :-).
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you! Now I'm going to have to look up "Billowing" technique :-) So much to learn!
C-MAC asked:
Wow - your sugar roses are absolutey gorgeous !
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you!
nbr1956776888 asked:
Where Ican found thats cake molds?
SugarArtBySusan answered:
I believe you can find "cake dummies" (styrofoam cake layers) on the internet on the "Global Sugar Art" web site. If you are referring to the roses, leaves and other filler flowers, they are all made by hand - Jacqueline Butler's sugar flowers class taught me how to make these.
Sbimson asked:
Lovely I'm just learning to put the flowers all together into a topper but struggle with the sugar paste ball and sticking wires into it. It sags and it cracks ..what do you use?
SugarArtBySusan answered:
I'm sorry for taking so long to respond! When make a topper this size, I used a pourous styrofoam ball (cut in half) - not the white styrofoam that's smooth - the type with lots of holes in it. I make all my smaller flowers/buds/leaves on 26 or 28 gauge wire, then group them together with floral wire when I get ready to use them. Then at the end of each "bunch", I use either a toothpick, 18gauge wire, skewer cut to size - - and floral tape to the end of the bunch - this end I will stick into the styrofoam. For me, using the smaller gauge wire to build the smaller flowers on, results in less bulk when bunching the flowers together for placement into the styrofoam ball - also give the flowers a little more "play" to move around. Does this help? I'd be happy to try and clarify a bit more if you want.
Kathy Tolbert asked:
I am just learning about the flowers. Yours are beautiful. I haven't tried making a topper like yours yet such an inspiration.
SugarArtBySusan answered:
Thank you so much! Jacqueline Butler's course really helped me!

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