Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

What you will need

Q&A with pinkypro

Sugar butterfly asked:
pinkypro answered:
Thank you!
sssugarpie asked:
It's beautifull
pinkypro answered:
Thank you!
zancana asked:
is there a lesson on craftsy to learn the white flowers in the arragement? They are very beautiful!!!
pinkypro answered:
Thanks.... The peonies (large white flower) are not included in the course lessons. I searched Youtube for those tutorials.
ladyb700 asked:
beautiful ain't even the word.. they are stunning!! Are you based in london? Where can i get these lessons?
pinkypro answered:
Thank you!! No, I'm based in US. There is a course here on Crafty to learn how to make the hydrangeas and small filler flowers called Handcrafted Sugar Flowers
Bluebird68 asked:
Absoltuely breathtaking!
pinkypro answered:
Thank you!!!