Free Hand Painted English High Tea Cake

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It is my first attemt to make hand painted cake. Originally, I was going to use the picture transfer technique that Ive learnt from Hand painting free Craftsy class at the weekend. But after I found that it was difficult to transfer the picture to the my gumpaste cup and saucer and it was much easier just free hand painting, I decided to free hand paint the whole cake. So I did it! Ive never thought that I could do that!!! It took me a while, but I really enjoyed every single minute. It was scary to start, but I did it! I am proud what came out under my brush! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Mix your colours carefully, First try your artistic skills on piece of dry fondant. First try every colour you mixing on piece of dry fondant

Q&A with Gulnaz Mitchell

misbunny12 asked:
WOW outstanding design I thought your cup and saucer was real! This cake is fantastic!!!!
Gulnaz Mitchell answered:
Thank you, I didn't think that the cake will come out so good! Yes, my kids kept asking me which was real cup and saucer which one I've just made! It was very cute!!!
ebony1 asked:
really pretty for a first,the overall look is in harmony.your choice of colors on this cake,blends real nicely.
Gulnaz Mitchell answered:
Thank you, Ebony1, for your nice comment!
drill2fil1644345 asked:
how did u make the cup and saucer?
Gulnaz Mitchell answered:
I made from gumpaste. Rolled the gumpaste and put inside the real cup and saucer, Cut excess gumpaste. Let them dry for 3-4 days and then they were ready for paint.
Lola Marti Cake asked:
Gorgeus beutiful I love it!!
Gulnaz Mitchell answered:
Thank you, Lolitamarti, for your nice comment!
Peggy Diane asked:
You have every right to be proud. This is truly a work of art. Excellent job. Love the colors and it absolutely matches your tea cup exactly.
Gulnaz Mitchell answered:
Thank you so much, Peggy, for you kind words!

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