First Ever Wedding Cake

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Do you sell this cake? Yes Name of website or online shop Ash Cakes Link to website or online shop www.facebook.com/glazedcakes Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake I used buttercream frosting, gumpaste for the roses, and petal dust. What are you most proud of? I am most proud of how the roses came out! My buttercream job is very beginner, so I need to apply the techniques that were taught in the lesson I just watched next time, but overall the bride was happy with it so mission accomplished! What advice would you give someone starting this project? WATCH THE MODERN BUTTERCREAM VIDEO! It's free, and he does an EXCELLENT job teaching you professional buttercream techniques! My knowledge about icing with buttercream grew ten times by watching this free video.

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Q&A with Ashley Glazier

0Lynda asked:
Lovely cake for a first try at wedding cakes. Roses were very lovely, the buttecream could have used more time at getting it spread more smoothly as you noted in your comments. You'll find that it gets easier the more you do it. Great first attempt at doing wedding cakes. I haven't the courage to even attemt one. I am impressed with your lovely cake.
Ashley Glazier answered:
Thanks for the encouragement :) It's comforting to know that it'll get easier. I love buttercream! And I love the way it looks when it's completely smooth, so that's a technique I've been currently working on! I hope to post my next cake here this weekend.
psgodusa asked:
Beautiful roses!!
Ashley Glazier answered:
Thank you!
AngieD1 asked:
Ashley Glazier answered:
Thanks :)
dianejwhi1204560 asked:
Ashley, Beautiful roses and the placement of them. See a couple of marks in the buttercream (may have been made during transport to wedding). Take a couple of viva paper towels (with no impressions in them) and a fondant smoother with you. After the cake has crust over you can smooth theses ripples right out. I would have pleased to have this as my wedding cake.
Ashley Glazier answered:
Hey that is a great idea! I've always noticed how the buttercream develops a crust after it dries a bit, but I never thought about smoothing it out. I will definitely do that next time! And well the marks weren't from transport, they were from just my butter cream spreading job. :/ it's a working progress though, I really hope to master this technique soon so that my cakes will have a flawless butter cream smooth finish. But thank you so much for your comment on the roses. :) They were time consuming, but so fun to do!
Tara_H asked:
Gorgeous! I signed up for this class to learn how to make a cake for my own wedding and your design is very much what I was thinking of! Hope you don't mind if I add this picture to my inspiration folder
Ashley Glazier answered:
Not at all! What a compliment! Thank you. :)

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