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Fire Truck

Q&A with Oatmeal48

Deb Andersen asked:
Amazing!! My husband is a fire fighter, you've certainly raised the bar for what he'll expect me to bake him and the boys.
Oatmeal48 answered:
LOL! Thanks....just don't let him see it. Tell him thanks for his service. I'm baking for all of our wonderful Fire Fighters here in Colorado Springs just to say "Thank you". Had a HUGE fire this summer and I have a new found respect for what they do.
pumuckel35789 asked:
great job!
Oatmeal48 answered:
Thank you :-).
Michellewho asked:
This is amazing! How did you make the water??
Oatmeal48 answered:
I used Isomalt sticks from "Cakeplay".

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