Dr Seuss topsy turvey wedding cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake White and dark chocolate mud cake, covered with a layer of chocolate ganache and a layer of fondant. Details are done in a combination of fondant and gumpaste. What are you most proud of? My balloon What advice would you give someone starting this project? Get the dowel placement sorted BEFORE you start to make and stack.

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Q&A with ozgirl42

kenikenmaui asked:
Very nicely done. The colors are vibrant and fun. Do you prefer to cover your cakes with ganache versus buttercream? Is ganache smoother in your opinion? Thanks
ozgirl42 answered:
Yes I find that dark chocolate ganache especially, provides a more stable base under fondant than buttercream. It will set quite firm and is stable in hot weather. White chocolate ganache is fine to use in cool weather ( in Australia) but is too unstable in hot weather.
Grandepuce asked:
How adorable - too cute to eat!! Love those little gold fish.
ozgirl42 answered:
Thank you. : )
Dabysu asked:
I love this cute cake! Great job
ozgirl42 answered:
Thank you,
Adairdet asked:
Love everything about it, especially the gold coloured fish on the top!!! Congratulations on the Dr. Suess wedding cake.
ozgirl42 answered:
Thank you.
vkane asked:
I'm curious if using ganache would help with some air bubble issues I've been having forming under the fondant. What do you think?
ozgirl42 answered:
Yes! Although you do get some air bubbles under the ganache as you place the fondant over the top, they are easily eliminated by sticking a pin into the fondant and gently massaging the air out through the hole, then rubbing your finger gently over the hole to blend it - I use acupuncture needles because they are so fine they hardly leave a mark.

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