Doctor Who & Weeping Angels Cake

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake cake, icing, fondant, modeling chocolate, airbrush, rice crispy, silver dust, paint brush, jolly rancher. What are you most proud of? Although I ran out of time and couldn't get the detail on the Tardis like the signs and what not, I thought it wasn't too shabby. I baked a regular pound cake recipe and cut it into roughly 4" squares, iced, and staked. I then decided to cute panels out of fondant and let chill for about ten minutes in the fridge before attaching to the sides. Once I had those in place I mixed and matched modeling chocolate the blue color for the top pieces. One flat square on top for the base section, then I rolled out a couple of rice crispie treats for a second tier layer of the Tardis top. I made sure to use a flat sided tool to create a smooth surface or as sooth as I could get rice crispies, painted a coat of icing tinted blue, and then cut thin pieces of modeling chocolate to prop along the sides covering the rice crispy layer. Topped that layer with chocolate, repeated the rice crispie plan for a thin top layer shaped as best to go along with the photo I had looked up online. I then found a blueberry Jolly Rancher to use as the light on top! As for the angels, I started by creating a skirt base out of rice crispie, shaped like a triangle, used a rounded tipped tool to press down a space to insert the body. I then mixed black & cream to create my grey/gray colored modeling chocolate and used a body parts clay mold that I picked up at a local craft store, this was used to create a head, torso, and arms. Once I chilled these parts, I put them together carefully using additional chocolate, placed into the rice crispie skirt shape and started to shape and mold the wings. This was hard because I first couldn't get the wings to stay in place with out breaking them. My final try was to carve out a space on the back of the torso, heat up a ball of chocolate by rolling in my hands (after shaping the wings to have them ready to go) and placed them into the ball of chocolate together creating a basic "wing" backpack. I let that chill together in place fully before attaching it to the body. Worked in more chocolate around to shape the dress, shaped the mouth out a little to be scarier and pulled it all together! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Plan your time!!! Don't rush it like I did - I could have done so much more!

What you will need

  • cake
  • icing
  • fondant

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