Do You Wanna Build A Snowmaaaaaan?

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Copper piping, plumbing tube, modelling chocolate, RKT. What are you most proud of? The fact it is 3 feet tall and was quite experimental. It was my first gravity defying cake. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Maybe plan more than I did! I made each bit and attached it and then decided on the next bit. He ended up much bigger than I had imagined. Probably should have made the head first and then could have scaled better

Q&A with Louise Wolfenden Haythornthwaite

corteofs asked:
Very nice
Louise Wolfenden Haythornthwaite answered:
Thank you
Garden Baker asked:
Charming "little" fellow. How on earth does one cut a cake like this and is it actually only the body that is meant to be eaten? I really love to look at and really do appreciate the creativity involved in all the sculptures and constructions. It just seems to me that "the cake" is the least important thing here and that maybe all these really beautiful works of art should be made without any cake at all. Sorry for going on and on. Just thinking out loud. I really wouldn't want to cut up this fellow and to eat him.
Louise Wolfenden Haythornthwaite answered:
Hiya, he is all completely edible except for his arms!! I am not a big fan of using non edible items such as styrofoam. His head is made of Rice Krispies, marshmallows, white chocolate and covered in fondant. In fact the kids loved this bit the best I think xx his standing foot and all his body is made of cake (chocolate fudge cake to be exact) and his sticking out leg is made of Rice Krispies again, although in hindsight this could have been cake too. The structure which holds all the weight is an adaptation of Lauren's class as the pipe work started together through the foot and then separates and curves to create the arms. Hope that helps xx
kraftisnotacraft asked:
I'm creating a pouring down teapot cake. Planning the teapot that is pouring down to be made of rice crispies with white chocolate and covered in fondant. My question is this: How stable was the copper tubing holding up Olaf's rice crispies head? How big was the head? I just want to make sure my teapot stays on the tubing without the copper bending more and the teapot sliding off... any tips?
Louise Wolfenden Haythornthwaite answered:
Sorry, only just seen this, if not too late....the copper pipes were as stable as they could be at that height. The cake helped with the supporting process as it wrapped around the pipes and half the pipe wasn't exposed. It did wobble abit on transport but I sat with it and had my hand behind it ensuring it didn't move too much. The head was as big as mine, if you look at one of the pictures there is a selfie. Attach the teapot to the pipe using chocolate, melt it cover the pipe and slide on the teapot, it will stick fast. The angle you put on the teapot will also be key, don't over bend it. Weight of the teapot will be key. Hope it helps if you haven't already done it! Xx
Virtuousmama4 asked:
This is AWESOME!!! How is the head attached and are there 2 pieces of copper tubing?
Louise Wolfenden Haythornthwaite answered:
Hiya, just seen your comment. Yes there are two copper pipes.the pipes go into the head at angles not straight up x