Church's Birthday cake

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? No, just for fun Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake This is a fruit cake covered with Royal Icing. I used the principles learned in the Contemporary English Piping class to do the decoration. The round structures were made from Pastilage, the yellow roses is made from royal icing as well as all the piping work done. What I realised is that this is a method to use when you have time to ensure you do not compromise the quality of your product. I required a lot of skill and practise. When doing this piping work it is very important to follow with a damp paint brush to correct the imperfections on the cake. If you are ready for a real challenge with cakes this is the place to start.

What you will need

  • Royal Icing

Q&A with Maryke Krohne

ybelfonte1270190 asked:
I just purchased this class today but am having a problem viewing it - it just stops after 1.49 minutes of the first lesson. ???????
Maryke Krohne answered:
Hi I experience the same problem from time to time with diferent classes. I think it has something to do with our local network speed and computer setup. You hope you get it right. Its a nice course
LadyEmvon asked:
Very Nice!
Maryke Krohne answered:
Thank you very much, your projects are also very beautiful.