Cherry Blossom & Porcelain

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Wafer paper flowers, branch and dragonfly.Fondant covered with edible printer sheet, airbrush color, edible glitter and piping gel. What are you most proud of? This was my first project using wafer paper as the branch - it is completely hollow and self-supporting with branches floating in the air. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Sketching out a design first really helps me explore colors and flow, and break the project down into bite-sized chunks.

What you will need

  • Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Wafer paper flowers
  • branch and dragonfly.Fondant covered with edible printer sheet
  • airbrush color
  • edible glitter and piping gel.

Q&A with Lisa Berczel

Jani Cakes asked:
Fantastic! Again how did you cover the cake, it looks like glass? The dragonfly is also fantastic, is that the same material as on the cake?
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you. The cake's glazed porcelain effect is fondant covered with an edible icing sheet that has a crackle pattern printed on it, which was then airbrushed with blue and brown gradients. This was *buttered* with clear piping gel, dredged with white edible glitter, and then slathered with another layer of piping gel. The dragonfly has airbrushed wafer paper wings mounted onto a black gum paste body.
Jani Cakes asked:
Just watched CakeFu, wow
Lisa Berczel answered:
Glad you enjoyed! Will you be joining us tomorrow?
Adairdet asked:
Lisa Berczel answered:
:) It's all about layering colors.
silina asked:
Incredible awesome!!! Loooooove that incredible shimmer you gave the cake & details!! Thanks for sharing!
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you! The piping gel does make it sticky, but it's worth it!
anaitcake1063820 asked:
Very beautiful ! Do you show step by step how to do this and other two cakes that you have made ? Looks fantastic! Thanks!
Lisa Berczel answered:
I'll post some more pics!

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