cascade of roses

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake royal icing for the piping, gumpaste and colour dusts for the roses, 28 gauge wire for the little flowers

What you will need

  • Royal Icing

Q&A with nadyatk

FaraAli asked:
Very elegant !
nadyatk answered:
Queen Hadassah asked:
nadyatk answered:
Thank you! :)
Saunga asked:
So pretty. The roses are just perfect and what beautiful colors.
nadyatk answered:
Thanks :)
aisling20062011 asked:
This is gorgeous! Can I ask you, as I have not worked much with flowers before- do you just stick the roses to the side with royal icing or do you need to link them all together with wire first?
nadyatk answered:
Hi! Those are all wired, The cake is a dummy I made for a show so I stuck all wires straight in, but if it is a real cake I would either tape all wires well with florist tape and then tape to some cokatail sticks so they are well anchored in the cake, or insert little flower picks in which I push in the flowers - it all depends on how big and heavy your flowers are.
holthanlon asked:
Really Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
nadyatk answered:
Thak you so much!