Brush Embroidery

Project Description

What was your inspiration? A past display cake that featured the brush embroidery technique. This is painted on fondant but when I paint on buttercream I have to make sure the buttercream base is cold by putting the cake in the fridge for a bit. This hardens the icing enough to paint on, but I still have to be careful not to brush too hard and smear the icing. Thanks for looking! Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

caosumpte900468 asked:
Beautifully simplistic looking, but we all know how much work you had to put in to make it look this good. Thank you for sharing with us.
lisascakes answered:
Thank you! I'm so out of practice with that technique that it takes me a long time to get the job done right! :)
CakeBakerMoney asked:
Was the royal icing youused for the brush embroidery already coloured or did you use white and add colour after. I have seen differrent cake designers do t different ways.
lisascakes answered:
For brush embroidery, you need to color the royal icing first and then apply it to the cake. It's much easier that way. I reserve painting royal icing only after it is applied if I wish to have something silver or gold - two colors that you really can't get with icing color. Lisa