Boxing Glove Cake

Project Description

Do you sell this cake? Yes (locally only) Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Bottom layer is a cheesecake smothered in chocolate glaze. The "glove" is cake, icing and fondant. My air compressor was on the fritz so this cake is hand painted with a mixture of reds and some brown. I didn't have my edible printer yet so i printed on a piece of transparency - cut it to size and wet the edges to adhere to the cake & to keep it from curling up. Just remember to tell people that it's not edible! You will also need a stitching tool, fondant tools, serrated knife. What are you most proud of? I think it turned out real good, I like the "used" look of it. The birthday guy loved it too! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try to have the real object to see & touch when designing the cake version. Since the bottom tier was cheesecake & needed refrigerating and the top tier was covered in fondant (not refrigerated) I did not stack them together until I was ready to hand it off to the customer.

What you will need

  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate
  • Fondant

Q&A with DeannaSB

DreamsnSugar asked:
How did you sculpt the glove? What size cakes did you use and how did you stack them?
DeannaSB answered:
Sorry for the delayed response, I don't always notice responses on my projects for some reason. It's been about a year or more since i made this cake. I know the bottom round cheesecake was made with my spring form pan. So that's a 9.5 inch round. So it looks like the glove must've been 10" round that I carved. I would've torted & filled the cake and just carved it to match an actual boxing glove that I had on hand. (no pun intended haha). If you take away the thumb its just a rectangle with one side taller then the other. Then round your edges off. As for stacking, i kept the two separate until delivery day. Since the cheesecake had to be in the cooler. The glove was on a cake board, so i just lifted it and placed it on top. With the hardened chocolate glaze on the cheesecake i didn't feel the need to support the glove from underneath. Hope that helps you.
scatt19923256305 asked:
Hello this is brilliant how much do you charge for this cake thank you Stephanie
DeannaSB answered:
thank you. i only make cakes locally but this cake would range about $100
clarabell10153724062798253 asked:
HI what mould did you use for this cake, I am looking to make a boxing glove soap!!!
DeannaSB answered:
its not a mold, i hand carved the cake.
watson1_u10098369 asked:
How do I make fondant boxing figures please
DeannaSB answered:
I'm not sure what you mean by boxing figures? If you mean something like people figurines that are boxing then I recommend signing up for one or more of the Craftsy Classes that will help you design/sculpt figurines. Personally I have the customers buy the toy sculptures/figurines & I use them on the cakes.
Déanna Waters asked:
How did you shape the cake into a glove
DeannaSB answered:
Start with a rectangle shape, add layers for height. The thumb will be added later. Now for the carving: round off the front-side (where the fingers would be). mark-off approximately where the wristband meets the glove (maybe 1/3 the way up). Again from the front-side start carving - gradually taper the top of the cake to the wrist band, at that point - keep your knife parallel to the table & carve the wrist band height. Round off all the edges except for the bottom-edge (opening hole of the glove). For a more realistic look don't forget to round off where the cake meets the board. For the thumb: use the carved off pieces of cake (or use cake balls or use fondant) shape to a large thumb & put in place. Cover with icing. Roll out the fondant, drape over entire cake, carefully pushing in & around thumb area & tucking under the cake next to the board. Use modeling tools to create the wrinkles, lines & stitch marks. Then airbrush or hand paint. Hope that helps :)