Airbrushing & Cakes

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Covered cake

What you will need

  • Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Covered cake

Q&A with Lisa Berczel

Jani Cakes asked:
Love your work. How did you cover the cake, what texture did you use?
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you! The cake is chocolate fondant airbrushed with black, then *buttered* with a thin layer of black piping gel then dredged with black edible glitter. I love the crushed glass look it mimics.
Adairdet asked:
Love the irradescence (sp?) on this one.
Lisa Berczel answered:
The iridescence of the flower is created by layering a purple pearl over blue base on white wafer paper flower. I love working with contrasting colors.
Petya Shmarova asked:
I really enjoy the class, but I was a little disappointed that there is no wafer paper modeling. Are you going to create a class with that technic?
Lisa Berczel answered:
I'm glad you enjoyed the class. It does focus on airbrush and wafer paper molding would definitely be it's own class. I teach the wafer paper technique, so please keep an eye on my Announcements for my schedule. Maybe at some point there will be a Craftsy class as well!
Murad asked:
Hi Lisa, Love that you're on Craftsy!! Question: I am not sure what you mean by "dredging", and is the edible glitter like disco dust or is this something different? Love the look of this cake and I am inspired.
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you! Edible glitter is made from agar-agar and food coloring - so it is 100% edible (unlike disco dust). I prefer it because of the crushed glass look it makes , its inexpensive for the volume of coverage and it photographs beautifully. "Dredging" is the simplest way I could think to describe coating the layer piping gel with the glitter....
sherrieil2009042 asked:
Beautiful work!
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you!