Gum Paste Flowers

Gum Paste Flower Classes

Bring beautiful gum paste flowers to life with classes from Craftsy. Master new skills and species of flower to life while learning alongside some of the world's most prominent sugar artists.

Exotic Sugar Orchids

James Rosselle



Exotic Sugar Orchids

James Rosselle

Bring a touch of the tropics to your cake creation with an arrangement of delicate sugar blossoms, accented by graceful leaves, bamboo ... See more

Student Projects from this class

My Favourite Cake

My Favourite Cake

by Kims Cakes

Purple Vanda Orchids

Purple Vanda Orchids

by CakeBakerMoney

Ganache cake with berries/peonies by Sonja McLean
Beautiful Blackberries by Maggie Austin
Blossom cake by ModernLovers

Sugar Berries, Leaves & Blossoms

Maggie Austin


Bring filler flowers to the forefront and make beautiful gum paste botanicals in cake designer Maggie Austin's latest Craftsy class. See more

Flower Paste Keepsake by Bobbiesbaking
The Bauhinia by Alan Dunn
The Hibiscus by Alan Dunn

Tropical Sugar Flowers

Alan Dunn


Expand your sugar-flower offerings into tropical horizons. Learn Alan Dunn's expert techniques for creating sprays of bauhinia, hibiscus and gardenia flowers.

Cake Decorating Recipes

Enjoy a page from Craftsy's cookbook, with these simple free recipes for gum paste and more.

Gum Paste Recipe

Master of the sugar flower (and Craftsy instructor), Nicholas Lodge, has a very specific recipe for the tylose gum paste he uses to craft his flowers.

Gum Glue Recipe

Necessary for modeling gum paste into figures and flowers, you don't want to be without tylose glue. Check out this easy recipe from Anne Heap.

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

This recipe for marshmallow fondant from Jessica Harris is delightfully tasty and great to work with!

Cake Decorating Articles

Discover in depth how-to's for making gum paste, and using it to create a bouquet of beautiful sugar flowers.

How To Make Modeling Chocolate Flowers

With this tutorial you?ll create fun modeling chocolate flowers any of three different ways with ease!

Modeling Chocolate vs. Fondant vs. Gum Paste

Compare and contrast these cake decorating treats.

How To Quickly Cool a Cake

Discover how to cool your cakes quickly without breakage or stress.

Gum Paste Flower Projects

When your sugar art is finished, upload it for other students to enjoy. Or browse your classmates' projects and let inspiration bloom!

gum paste flowers

by Kristy W

My gum paste flowers

by gsesum3581177

Gum paste Flowers

by Shana Thinesh

Gum paste flowers

by gsesum3581177

Gum Paste Flower Blog Posts

Get expert tips for making stunning sugar flowers, using floral tape, and much more!

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Learn two methods for making whimsical fondant flowers quickly in this easy step-by-step tutorial — perfect for when you’re in a pinch!

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From soft eucalyptus leaves to sprawling peonies, these floral details are making a big statement right now!

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