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Sewist Diana on Giving Back to Children in Her Community

By Craftsy
Sewist Diana Gives BackWe were lucky to run into sewist Diana Klebenow. Diana gives back to her community by teaching kids and adults needing life skills how to sew. We think it's terrific and we admire her generosity, so we wanted share her story in the hopes that it also inspires you! Read more »

From Craftsy Student to Cake Central Fame!

By Craftsy
Secret Garden Cake by Wendy Woo CakesWe discovered a full-page spread in January's Cake Central Magazine featuring a gorgeous Secret Garden Cake with a piped royal rose cage inspired by Craftsy's Colette Peters' class. We were so excited we just had to get in touch with the cake's decorator, Wendy Woo of Wendy Woo Cakes to chat with her about finding her work in an international cake magazine! Read more »
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Make Your Peonies Pop! Learn to Color Sugar Flowers

By Craftsy
Learn to color sugar flowers.This free video lesson gives you a quick, but enlightening look at how Nicholas Lodge (instructor of the online class Classic Sugar Flowers) colors the petals and stems of his sugar flowers. Coloring your sugar flowers is an essential step in creating the realism you're aiming for. And it's not just achieved with a flat brush. Watch how the steam adds a subtle but critical gloss to the gum paste. Read more »

Creative Cake Pops

By Craftsy
Cake PopsCheck out the latest trend in cakes and cake decorating: cake pops! Like lollipops, these are utensil free ways to enjoy a sweet bite. Sugar artists have also used them as a fun new opportunity for their cake decorating craft, as seen in these Craftsy projects! Read more »

Fix “Fatal” Sugar Flower Mistakes!

By Craftsy
How to fix a sugar flower mistakeNicholas Lodge (instructor of Classic Sugar Flowers, an online class here on Craftsy) is considered to be one of the best sugar flower artists in the world. It would seem as if his work is flawless and perfect. But that's because Nicholas has the secrets for fixing his mistakes, and repairing his sugar flowers so that no one would ever know there was a break or damage in the first place. Creating a gum paste glue, invisible seams, color matching, he shows you how to do it all in this free video lesson! Read more »
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Social Media Tips for Indie Designers & Makers, Pt 4: Instagram

By Craftsy
Instagram tips for indie designersFor the final installment of our series on Social Media Tips for Indie Designers, we'll take a look at Instagram. Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is a good opportunity to visually represent your brand, your personality, and your taste, and color those photos with descriptions that help fans and followers feel a connection to your aesthetic. Should you be on Instagram? Read more »

How to Use Floral Tape in Sugar Flower Construction

By Craftsy
How to use floral tape in sugar flower construction.Realistic sugar flowers may be made of sugar paste, but the floral tape that cake decorating expert, Nicholas Lodge (instructor of the online class Classic Sugar Flowers) uses, is completely real. In this free video lesson, he shows you how to cut down floral tape so you can wrap wire, create buds, and do so much more. Read more »

Maker Monday: Meet Nicholas Lodge, Sugar Flowers Expert, Instructor

By Craftsy
Craftsy Instructor Nicholas LodgeSugar paste expert, Nicholas Lodge, instructs the online class Classic Sugar Flowers. But here in this free video, he tells us about his favorite cake decorating moments, the best way to start the craft of creating flowers from gum paste, his time training as a florist, and how many different types of sugar paste flowers he'll have made in his career, or at least in the next couple years. Read more »

Trend Alert! Handmade Ornaments

By Stefanie Japel
Handmade ornaments are a wonderful way to decorate your tree with meaningful adornments. Whether sewn, knitted, or crocheted, they are beautiful, and they even make great gifts! Read more »