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3 Scary Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween will soon be here! Instead of losing your head over what scary treats you can dream up take it easy and give these easy beginner-friendly Halloween cupcakes a try! They’re perfect for novices, but they’re also great for last minute parties.

Beginner friendly cupcakes

Easy beginner-friendly Halloween cupcakes

Beginner friendly cupcakes tutorial

The graveyard cupcake

This is one of our favorites when it comes to easy Halloween cupcakes — especially for chocolate lovers! Make multiples of these with custom headstones for place settings at a fun family dinner.

What you need:

Step 1: Frost the cupcakes

Fun beginner friendly cupcakes tutorial

Put your buttercream in a disposable piping bag fitted with the large, round piping tip. Holding your piping tip right above your cupcake, pipe a dollop of buttercream onto the cupcake.

Dip the frosted cupcake in the crumbled Oreo cookies.

Step 2: Marble the gum paste

Gray marbled gum paste

Knead the white and black fondant together to create a gray marbled look. You can follow this tutorial for more thorough directions.

Step 3: Create the headstone

Rolled out gray marbled gum paste plaque

Roll out your marbled gum paste to a thickness of around 6mm. Use a plaque cutter to cut a gravestone-like shape. You can also use a small sharp knife to cut rectangular headstones.

Step 4: Add the words

Make a Halloween graveyard cupcake

Stamp a message onto each fondant piece and leave to set. You want the gum paste headstone to be completely dry. When it’s ready simply, nestle the headstone into the frosting on your cupcake!

The monster cupcakes

Make a cool monster cupcake for Halloween

These bright cupcakes are perfect for the little monsters of the party. It’s so easy to whip up these fun cupcakes. You can use whatever color buttercream you like. Feeling adventurous? Go with rainbow frosting!

What you need:

Step 1: Fill the cupcakes

Make a cool monster cupcake for Halloween parties

This step is entirely optional, but it’s really a whole lot of fun! Remove the core of your cupcake and fill the open space with Pop Rocks, sprinkles or another fun candy.

Step 2: Pipe the frosting

Pink Star Tip Cupcake

Fill a piping bag fitted with the star tip with your tinted buttercream. Then, pipe peaks of buttercream on top of your cupcake. You can use all one color or alternate with others for a fun rainbow look!

Step 3: Make the monster eyes

Fondant monster eyes

Create small- and medium-sized balls of white fondant, then roll them out flat. (It’s OK if all the balls are different sizes — it helps create the monster-like look!)

Use a small amount of edible glue to attach black sugar pearl sprinkles into each piece of white fondant. If you can’t find sugar pearls, you could also use edible paint or edible ink markers.

Step 4: Add the eyes

Make this cool multiple eyed monster cupcake

Now place your monster eyeballs all over your cupcake!

The brain cupcakes

Easy Brain Cupcakes

Your guests will think this cupcake is truly terror-ific! For an extra gruesome factor, fill your cupcakes with raspberry or strawberry preserve as “blood.”

What you need:

Step 1: Frost the cupcake

Cupcake with thin layer of pink frosting

Using your small angled palette knife, smooth the surface of your cupcake with a bit of buttercream.

Step 2: Pipe the brain

Make a cool brain cupcake

With a piping bag fitted with the round piping tip and filled with pink buttercream, pipe a line down the center.

Make a fun brain cupcake

Then, pipe thick, wiggly lines of buttercream on either side of the center line.

Make a brain cupcake

With these truly gruesome cupcakes you’re bound to have an amazing Halloween!

Learn how to make three easy beginner-friendly Halloween cupcakes
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