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These Cute Christmas Tree Cupcakes Only Look Complicated

These fun Christmas tree cupcakes are sure to steal the show at your holiday gathering. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re surprisingly simple to make! Keep reading to discover the secret to super easy Christmas tree cupcakes that both kids and kids at heart will adore. 

Christmas Tree Cupcakes Tutorial

Christmas cupcake decorating tutorial for festive tree cupcakes

Christmas tree cupcakes tutorial


  • Cupcakes baked in festive liners (we went for gold)
  • Sugar waffle ice cream cones
  • Green tinted buttercream
  • Sprinkles
  • Star-shaped gingerbread cookies
  • Cream colored buttercream
  • Desiccated coconut shreds
  • Small closed star piping tip
  • Piping bags
  • Small sharp knife
  • Large plain round piping tip

Cupcake ready to be iced



Iced cupcake, ready for decoratingFun and rustic Christmas cupcake tutorial

Step 1:

Pipe some cream tinted buttercream atop your cupcakes using a large plain round piping tip. Don’t pipe too high as this cupcake is going to feature more buttercream later on. This is going to be the snow covered “ground” of your cupcake.

Rustic Christmas tree cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 2:

Dip and gently roll the top of your cupcake in a bowl full of desiccated coconut for a fake snow look. Set aside.

Tip: If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your cupcake then shake some white edible luster dust in with the coconut. For a touch of whimsy you can even tint your coconut with edible blossom dusts too.

Making Christmas Tree Cupcakes With Sugar Cones

Step 3:

Take your sugar waffle ice cream cone and trim it down gently. (They can be crumbly, so use a sharp knife and carefully saw pieces away.) You don’t want your cone to cover the entire surface of the cupcake, otherwise it’ll hide your layer of coconut snow.

Making Simple Christmas Tree Cupcakes With Sugar Cones

Step 4:

Gently nestle your trimmed ice cream cones into the center of your buttercream piped cupcake, making sure not to press too hard.

How to pipe and decorate Christmas tree cupcakesChristmas tree cupcake tutorial

Step 5:

With a piping bag fitted with a closed star tip (though you can use a leaf tip or even a grass piping nozzle) and filled with green tinted buttercream, begin adding in the leaves of your tree. Start at the very bottom and work your way around to the top so that the buttercream “foliage” layers over each row as you work upward.

Step 6:

At this point you can add any decorations you like to the top of your piped Christmas trees, like cute gingerbread star cookies or even small fondant angels.

Step by step tutorial for rustic Christmas tree cupcakesDecorate winter themed cupcakes with powdered sugar

Step 7:

You can add festive sprinkles (snowflakes and candy canes would look adorable) of even powdered sugar to further decorate the tree. We used lots of shimmering nonpareils and sugar pearls to stud each tree and give them a lovely frosty look.

You can even make tiny fondant presents or toys to nestle underneath the tree for a little more detail to each cupcake.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes: Free Tutorial on Craftsy



Cute idea! Might have ice cream nearby to fill the cone when ready to eat.

MaryJo Terry

it might work as an ice cream cone if it were decorated with royal icing. Buttercream doesn’t harden and would be very messy.


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