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Elevate Your Wedding Cakes With This Enchanting Trick

Want an elegant, subtle way to elevate (literally) your cake? Try out our surprisingly easy tutorial for a fake cake stand effect! It’s easy to create and will make people wonder how you did it.

Stunning faux cake stand effect tutorial

How to create a fake cake stand with gum paste

Because the “legs” of the cake stand are made with molds, you can easily adapt this tutorial for any style of cake. Use more simplified, sleek molds for a modern cake; for quirkier designs, use ornate molds with nature-inspired elements.

Create a fake cake stand effect for stunning wedding designs with this tutorial

Materials and tools needed:

  • Covered and trimmed cake board (should be at least 2 sizes larger than bottom tier)
  • 6-inch- or 8-inch-thick round cake board or drum, trimmed with ribbon
  • Melted white chocolate or royal icing
  • Covered dummy tier (bottom tier)
  • Ornate silicone molds
  • Gum paste
  • Non-stick surface or mat
  • Rolling pin
  • Pastry cutter
  • Edible glue
  • Food-safe paintbrushes
  • Silver or gold edible paint

Step 1: Set up the base

How to make a fake cake stand look for cakes

Get your large cake board covered, trimmed and ready to use. The fondant on the board should be nice and firm or else you’ll risk squishing or denting it as you work. We recommend icing and trimming your board a few days in advance.

How to make a fake cake stand look for wedding cakes

Your small round cake board (sometime called drums) can be either 6″ or 8″ round, depending on the size of your base tier. For our cake, we used a 10″ square base and a 6″ circle.

Wrap the round board with a ribbon trim that matches your cake. We used white ribbon for a white cake, but if your cake or base tier is darker, use a matching color.

How to make a faux cake stand for wedding cakes

Add a little melted white chocolate or royal icing to the center of the main cake board. This will hold the smaller board in place.

Faux cake stand for wedding cakes  tutorial

Place your smaller thick board on top and leave it for a few minutes to dry or set a little bit before continuing.

Faux cake stand for wedding cakes

Step 2: Add the dummy tier

Add melted white chocolate or royal icing on top of your small cake board.

Faux cake stand for wedding cakes designsLearn how to make a faux cake stand for wedding cakes

Place your dummy base tier on top of the round cake board, making sure it’s centered and level.

A high-quality dummy cake is best here, as it will keep the real cake on top more stable. You’ll also minimize the risk of the base tier curving at the outer edges.

Step 3: Attach the fake legs

Now you can start the decorative part of the tutorial! Using silicone molds and gum paste, create the “feet” for your fake cake stand. Create four identical versions of the mold and use edible glue to attach one to each corner.

Discover to create a faux cake stand effect with this tutorial

After attaching the legs, add strips of gum paste around the edge to create the plate part of the cake stand. Roll out the gum paste into long, thin strips. Measure the space between your gum paste “legs” and cut long, thin strips of gum paste to size. Attach using edible glue.

Discover to create a faux cake stand effect

Step 4: Paint the cake stand

Discover to create a faux cake stand effect - perfect for stunning wedding cakes

Now paint your gum paste elements gold or silver!

Tutorial for the faux cake stand look

We think this captivating effect would pair gorgeously with the wedding cake designs you can learn to create in both Alexandria Pellegrino’s Simple Skills for Dramatic Designs class and Wendy Kromer’s Dream Wedding Cakes class.

Gorgeous ornate faux cake stand effect tutorial



thank you


Awesome idea!!! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you!

Taiwo shonibare

Waoh dis is awesome. Tnx to u for dis .God bless u

utieyinshola edema

Must dummy be used? Why not cake?


Why would you waste an inch deep cake under there?
This is such a beautiful idea and look

Felicity and Krystle

Hi there ByMichaelaCakesandCupcakes,
Underneath the cake is actually a thick cake board/dummy that lifts the entire cake up, which is much more stable (and wouldn’t waste any delicious cake too). Would you be giving this tutorial a try?

Felicity and Krystle

Hi Utieyinshola Edema,
You could use real cake if you did want to, but having the bottom tier fake means that you have much more stability (and peace of mind) especially when it comes to deliveries and set ups. Resting a real cake on top of a tiny fake cake stand structure / cake board (even with dowel rods and poly boards separating each tier) makes the cake more likely to topple or even ‘sag’. Hope that helps!


Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification on the use of the cake dummy. I wasn’t thinking it could sag with a cake board underneath, but the delivery would surely scare me. Can’t wait to try this, thanks!

Sona Karp

Beautiful idea!! The only issue for me is transporting this cake. Any ideas how one should do it? Or should we assamble on the venue?

Felicity and Krystle

Hi Sona Karp,

It should be OK to transport the cake as a whole, but that depends on how tall your cake is really. The main thing is making sure that bottom tier is fake. You’re going to have a heck of lot less worries if it is. It’s do-able with real cake, but we just wouldn’t recommend it (it can get long-winded and time consuming as it’d be best custom cutting your own wood boards and assembling your own dowel structure too etc).

Our top tips would be to double (even triple) make sure that every tier and board is perfectly level. Prepare your boards/fake cake stand in advance so that all the fondant elements can fully set (maybe even ice your boards with tylo added to the fondant). Make sure to plan and sketch everything just incase (from how many dowels to which board is where). Stay away from making your fake cake stand be too high up. Around 2cm in depth/height should be fine. Any taller and you’ll risk a less stable base.

If you’d prefer to assemble at the venue a great idea is to do so in two halves. Stack and finish your fake stand with fake tier along with a real tier on top. Then assemble any top tiers when you’re setting up.

Hope this helps you out!

Omolere Boluwatife

Thanks for this tutorial


Great idea. Where can I find the mould for this? Is it a shaped mould or a flat one that I would manipulate into the shape?

Felicity and Krystle

Hi Gail,
You can find lots of amazing moulds online via the Craftsy store or even eBay too. Simply search for Baroque or Rococo mold/moulds (depends on your country’s spelling). They’re also flat so you would need to bend and manipulate them to fit the corners or curves of your cake in fondant form. Hope this helps!

alabi okuronke

Thank u so much for this tutorial

aladetuyi tomilola

Thanks For the idea with Try it out

Mujidat Adebayo

Thanks for the tutorial will surely give it a try


Thanks for this tutorial and for your time and your comprehensive way of explaining to give deep understanding. God bless you richly.

Adeola obasa

Please how did u go about d space between d fake base and real tier of cake for the arrangement of d flower.

Felicity and Krystle

Hi there Adeola Obama,
Thanks for your comment! We created the floral ‘separator’ between the fake and middle tier with a 2 inch tall cake dummy that was 2 inches smaller than the tier on top (so for the 8″ middle tier the dummy cake/separator was 6″). We covered it thinly with fondant (but this is optional) and then simply arrange our sugar flowers around it carefully using long-nosed pliers! Hope this helps!

king jaja

Alwsome idea I realy love dis so sweet to do BT wt much carefulness

Popoola Titilayo

Nice one, thanks

Carole Billy

Did you cover the square dummy with fondant or left it uncovered?

Janis Saylor, TheCookieMomster

Genius! 🙂


Can I use fondant in place of gum paste?


Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Is it nessecarry the bottom tire should be a dummy? If no, how can i go about it with a real cake bottom tire thanks.


Wow…..this is the best tutorial ever….. It turned out great……. Thanks in a million…….


Thnks alot


can this be done without fondant? i am thinking of doing a buttercream frosting. Also can it be made plainer without all the gold? our colors are accented with silver. .Any ideas?


Could you share the brand/ where to buy the gold paint? I can’t find a color that doesn’t look like yellow mustard.

Melissa Sobczak

I’m curious as to how one would price the dummy cake. I typically quote my cakes on a per serving cost. Would you charge based on how many “dummy servings”? Or a flat fee if $X? Obviously a lot of time, talent and materials go in to creating the dummy tier. Thanks for any input.

Anayansi Juarez

Excellent. I will try soon.


Hi, This cake is stunning! would you be able to share what molds/style you used for the gold gum paste embellishments? and where I would be able to order the molds?
Thank you!!


Gorgeous Cake. Doing this for my cake decorating course on presentation day. Would really appreciate if you guys could tell me what brand of gold you used please. Thank you.


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