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11 Eye-Catching Buttercream Cake Ideas

There’s so much you can do with buttercream! Don’t believe us? Check out the many ideas for decorating cakes with buttercream from cake decorating experts and instructors. We hope you feel inspired to create your own!

Ombré buttercream cake

Pink ombre buttercream cake

From Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques with Erica O’Brien

Instead of frosting your cake with just one color of buttercream, use multiple colors in varying shades. Place the darkest color on the bottom and work your way to a lighter color. Then, when all the colors are in place, you can smooth the buttercream.

Pinstripe buttercream cake

White and gray pinstripe buttercream cake

From Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques with Erica O’Brien

Think the only way to get stripes on a buttercream cake is piping? Think again! Start with an iced, cooled cake. Run an icing comb along the outside to scrape away some of the buttercream in even lines. Then, apply a different color buttercream, spread it over the cake so it works its way into the indentations. Scrape away extra buttercream to reveal the sleek, even lines!

Combed buttercream texture

Combed buttercream texture

From Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques with Erica O’Brien

Icing combs can make a big difference on your cake, and there’s no shortage of ways to use them. With a variety of comb designs and a combination of application techniques, you can create interesting plaid-like textures, stripes and more — with barely any effort.

Stenciled buttercream cake

Pink ombre chevron buttercream stencil cake

From Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques with Erica O’Brien

Some decorators think that stencils are only for fondant-covered cakes, but if you prepare your cake well, you can easily apply buttercream over a buttercream-coated cake. Bonus points for getting creative with color!

Painterly textured buttercream cake

Painterly buttercream cake

From Better Buttercream: Stunning Techniques with Erica O’Brien

It’s amazing what you can do with a paintbrush! Frost a cake generously with buttercream, then move your paintbrush in repeating motions — up and down, side to side, or in arcs — to create a subtle texture.

Metallic embossed buttercream cake

Chevron MEtallic buttercream cake

From Better Buttercream with Erica O’Brien

Talk about trendy! A minimalist pattern paired with metallics is a recipe for an eye-catching cake. Here’s how: Make a mixture of metallic luster dust and vodka, dip a cake embosser in the metallic mixture, then press the embosser against a chilled, buttercream-covered cake. Easy! 

Palette knife painted cake

Palette Knife Painted Cake

From Innovative Buttercream Cakes with Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong

Instead of simply smoothing your cake with homemade buttercream why not utilize different colors to paint designs that also create textures similar to post-impressionist oil paintings? We love this idea of using palette knives to decorate tiers with bold painterly scenes or patterns, like incredible buttercream lace designs.

Ruffled cake

This buttercream ruffle effect is fantastically unique and looks like so much fun! You’ll definitely be forgiven for thinking the ruffles are tiny pinched strips of fondant applied piece by piece.



Buttercream rosettes

Pink Buttercream Rosette Cake on Stand

From Simple Piping, Stunning Results with Amanda Rettke

We think that a delicately piped ruffle tier or a flurry of expertly created buttercream roses add such a romantic aura to a cake. The above rose covered wedding cake is no exception! This cake is kept subtle with a cream color palette featuring small bursts of pinks!

Pushed petal cake

Pushed petal cake with pink buttercream

From Simple Piping, Stunning Results with Amanda Rettke

This textured piping technique is really effective and deceptively simple to create. Simply pipe a dollop of buttercream onto the cake, and pull your piping tip in one direction to create that pulled, dragging detail. With practice, you can cover a whole cake in less than 10 minutes.

Watercolor buttercream cake

By carefully blending and spreading different shades of buttercream, you can create a wispy colorway that looks almost like it was painted on with watercolors. These watercolor cakes are incredibly on trend — everyone will be asking for one!

Buttercream cakes are wonderfully malleable and lend themselves so well to some incredible textures, styles and effects; perfect for some playful experimentation. For kids cakes they’re wonderful and great when working with sprinkles, chocolate drizzles and candy decorations too! We love the idea of adding rainbow jimmies into a fresh batch of vanilla buttercream just before it gets smoothed onto a cake!

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